Hopes and Dreams

“When you were very young you had lots of hopes, dreams, aspirations, ambitions and you wanted to go through life and do this and do that. Those were ideas. And you had lots of ideas and people came along and said ‘You shouldn’t get this idea. You shouldn’t get that idea. You shouldn’t be so wild about this. You should think more soberly about this whole thing, and you should dedicate yourself to just one line of attack. What you should become is maybe a good cook or something like that you know. Hold yourself down to one thing and you won’t get these wild notions,’ and so forth. And so you foolishly bought this philosophy. Wasn’t any reason to buy it except that it just seemed like a philosophy that seemed to be fairly true. You wanted to get ahead in life, and you know you didn’t feel as alive.

“And when you ran totally out of goals and ideas and ambitions and—all of this covered under the heading of ideas, concepts—when you totally ran out of them you didn’t have any future at all. You actually would dwell more in the past than you would in the future. Why? There were ideas in the past. You had ideas once upon a time.

“In short an individual is as alive as he has ideas. He’s as aware as he has ideas. Doesn’t mean he has to hectically go on getting ideas, ideas, ideas, but it also doesn’t mean that every idea has to be put into action. That’s the way the mest universe operates as a big trap. It says, ‘Look-a-here you better not get an idea without putting it into action.’ Who said so?”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Elements Handled in Processing delivered on 21 April 1954. This can be found in the 5th American ACC lectures.

Just Say So

“There is no higher decision than just saying so. You say so and it’s going to be true so, therefore, you say so.

“Now, there are a lot of little sneaking tricks a person plays on himself. He says, ‘Well, that wouldn’t be any fun if you just said it was the case and then it turned out to be the case. There wouldn’t be anything to expect, you see, and therefore I wouldn’t get any…’

“Oh, what a trick. That is just a trick, by the way, it isn’t the case. When a person gets up to a point where he starts to think with no energy, boy, things really start to get smooth and he starts to enjoy things in a calm, beautiful way and he can introduce all kinds of randomity. His interest level gets very high—his interest level is very high, he doesn’t have much liability for anything.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture How to Talk About Scientology delivered on 18 December 1952. This can be found in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.

LRH Birthday Message

“I had a wonderful, wonderful birthday. Cards and cables and presents. And above all good wishes.

“When you’ve been working until bone weary and fighting the good fight and you suddenly find how many care, your heart warms right down to the centre and you look up and see the brightness of the day.

“Bring on your lions. I’ve got friends. And that’s what counts.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from HCO Information Letter Ron’s Journal 9 issued on 13 March 1964.

Using the Body

“The body was meant to be picked up by the scruff of the neck, thrown across the primordial swamp, jump sideways eighteen times at the striking snakes, get up in the tree, cut the throat of a leopard that was there before you and get up just a little bit higher and then make funny ‘Yah, yah, yah’ noises at whatever was chasing you that made you run through the swamp to miss the snakes, to have to kill a leopard to get up into the tree. And that was routine for Homo sapiens’ body—completely routine.

“You want to get rid of this being an effect of the body, just use hell out of it! … Because in order to come up Tone Scale, the individual will find himself doing that. If he just is brought up Tone Scale, he’ll find himself doing it. And if he just does it, he comes up Tone Scale faster. And he can get there with processing or otherwise.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Anatomy of the Genetic Entity delivered on 10 December 1952. This can be found in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.

Rising Superior

“You recognize that everything that has been done in Scientology has been done in spite of the bank, you see. It’s just been done on the basis of—well, hell, it can be done, there’s no reason to be aberrated and there’s no reason to react to it. Somehow or another, with the scruff of the neck, why, you pull yourself out of the—well, you find yourself unreasonably angry about something or other, and you start nipping and snarling around about, one way or the other, grab yourself by the scruff of the neck and say, ‘Well, even though I don’t know what might be biting me, this is certainly aberrated conduct,’ and do otherwise. …

Blow, explode and break up all the furniture, see, that’s all very well, but if in a week or so, at the absolute outside, you haven’t gotten yourself by the scruff of the neck, just realize you’re not rising superior to your bank. And the only thing that got us where we are is just rising superior. Without even any thetan bootstraps to grab hold of, see. It’s quite important to know that.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Finding Goals delivered on 25 April 1963. This can be found in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures.