Gradient Improvement

“Those things over which the individual cannot be cause are those things which the individual himself cannot envision. If he can’t be cause over something, he can’t even see it. He can’t even see it, he can’t even envision there’s anything else than it. This fellow who is unhappily married cannot envision a state which envisions no marriage.

“You say, ‘Why does he keep at it this way?’ And when you jump into the Roman arena and say, ‘Slaves, strike off your chains,’ they generally strike off your head, because they know there’s no such thing as freedom. No such thing as freedom. Slavery has totally overwhelmed them, they have bought it, absolutely and utterly.

“Well, how did they ever buy this! How did they ever buy these beingnesses? Well, they were bought by a gradient scale—a little bit, plus a little bit, plus a little bit, plus a little bit, eventually got them into a condition where they could be overwhelmed. Little by little, by little, by little. And you can walk them back out of it again the same way. …

“Nothing savage and sudden ever happened to a thetan, it was all by gradients. To get into any kind of trouble, he had to walk into it, an inch down at a time. Therefore, he comes out of it the same way.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Clearing: Possibilities Of delivered on 9 June 1959. This can be found in the 6th London ACC lectures.


Increased Awareness

“Realize the bulk of the human race is walking around with the belief that there is something wrong somewhere, but they don’t quite know what it is and it worries them.

“Now, when you get up to a degree where you have some idea of this worry and you’re aware of the factors which exist, the fact that your awareness has increased is all in your favor.

“And this is one of the great truths of Scientology, is that increased awareness is the only factor which offers any road out. You know, that’s an awfully simple truth, but you’ll find out that people don’t know that.

“They think that less awareness is the road out, see? And that is the road down into the basement.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Opening Lecture, CCHs, Future of Scientology delivered on 25 February 1957. This can be found in the 17th American ACC lectures.


Imagination and Sanity

“Now, imagination is a secondary product of knowingness. And you will find that there’s a direct relationship between the imagination of an individual and his ability to produce, to work, to survive, create, destroy. In other words, his activity or value and a lot of other things would depend upon the greatness of his imagination. …

“The curve of imagination, the curve of brilliance and the curve of sanity are identical curves or at least similar curves. See that? The more imagination a person has, why, the more intelligence, the more knowingness he has and the saner he’s going to be. But remember, that’s self-determined imagining as differentiated from other-determined imaginings.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture How to Crack Any and All Cases delivered on 23 March 1954. This can be found in the 4th American ACC lectures.


Nothing Can Hurt a Thetan

“Now as we look over this scene of knowingness and not-knowingness and communicatingness and not-communicatingness, we actually don’t find a single danger in it anywhere and that is the curse of the whole thing.

“Unless you dream up these confusions and put them into action there is nothing to combat, because nothing of any kind can ever hurt a thetan. Nothing can happen to a thetan. He can make himself remember and make himself forget. He can seal himself in. He can get himself stuck to and tangled up with. But in the final analysis, if the whole universe were to blow up, every thetan in it would be free. And they wouldn’t have any game at all.

“What we’re trying to do is hold a level of game above which there’s no game, below which there’s no game. But it’s a mighty wide band in which you can have a game.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Communication and Confusion delivered on 6 October 1955. This can be found in the 4th London ACC lectures.


The Resolution of Complexity and Pain

“Have you ever met anybody who was living a complicated life? A very complicated life? You know how he got the life complicated?

“Well, he created something over here and then he didn’t take responsibility for it and then he created something so it wouldn’t disturb him in any way and then he didn’t take responsibility for that and then he created something so that wouldn’t disturb him, you see… And all of a sudden, life is full of flaming eyes and sharp fangs, you know. …

“Well, there’s another generalized truth concerning all this and that is: if you haven’t had a hand in the creation of it, it can’t do a thing to you. …

“All you’ve got to do is remove your share of the creation of it and very weird things happen. …

“Your participation and contribution to any complicated or painful situation is absolutely necessary for you to suffer any pain or complication from it.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture What Are You Auditing? delivered on 7 February 1961 This can be found in the 3rd South African ACC lectures.