Work vs. Play

“All universes are, to some degree, games and no universe would exist if there was not the spirit of play in the thetan. …

“There is little ecstasy in play for anyone who has grown to any age at all. And yet there's hardly one of us that can't for a fleeting instant remember the heady and high ecstasy of action and engagement in activities. They're dim, most of them, because Homo sapiens is supposed to work and work is carefully defined as ‘not play.’

“And probably the hardest thing a man has to take is when he has to enslave himself to something which is not of his own choice and permits himself to be placed in time and space not of his own choice.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Specific Parts of Self-Determinism, Spacation delivered on 3 December 1952. This can be found in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course.


Too Good to Be Left Alone

“You can remember time when you were a kid, when life looked too doggoned deliciously beautiful to be left alone. So you could feel like that again if you worked at it.

“And what do you think will happen to you when you find life is just too good to be left alone?

“You'll start living it.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture The Uses and Future of Scientology delivered on 3 October 1953. This can be found in the First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists lectures.


The Solver of Problems

“That's the make-break point of anybody's life: when he stopped being a solver, and poser and solver of problems, and started to be a problem himself.

“The moment he did that, it exceeded his own rationale, the problem was the winning valence, therefore the thing for him to do was to become a problem, obviously.

“You can spot that point in the life of any preclear. … And the only way you could possibly make him well would be to put him into the role of the poser and solver of problems.

“A person is as alive as he has that confidence. He is as dead as he's lost it.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Theta-MEST Theory: Being a Problem Aspect delivered on 7 June 1954. This can be found in the Universe Processes Congress lectures.


The Drama of Existence

“This society has about the same level of drama as a cow snoring on a somewhat foggy day. …

“The hump that your preclear hits is to find himself fully equipped for drama in an undramatic world. He’s in good shape, he’s in good motion, he can get all sorts of things done. All of a sudden, he looks around and he says, ‘Gee whiz.’

“Well now, he can go in two directions there: He can sort of monitor himself down and live a life of quiet desperation, thereafter, or he can simply engage in some of the more dramatic aspects of existence. You’ll normally find him doing the latter.”

– L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Space Opera delivered on 17 December 1953. This can be found in the 2nd American ACC lectures.


The Power of Intention

“An intention contains in it every power the thetan has. Every power the thetan has. The ability to throw a lightning bolt, the ability to hold something in position, the ability to make something continue, the ability to do away with something, strength, accomplishment, power, wit, ability—these things are all wrapped up on the one common denominator of intention.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Flattening a Process delivered on 19 March 1964. This can be found in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures.