A Perfect Government

“The whole society is actually running forward and dependent upon the individual goodwill of its citizens: the individual’s desire to better himself, to better his family, to have a little bit better job and a little bit better way to go about things in life. The entire society is dependent upon that state of mind.

“To salvage a society, it is necessary to aid, abet, raise and increase that state of mind. If you were to set up a perfect government out here which required the intervention of nobody, you would have destroyed the society. But by raising the individual ability of the persons in the society within the framework that they are able to view, raise their ability within the framework they are able to view, you would have achieved a marked advance for that society.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Education: Goals in Society—Adult Education delivered on 10 January 1955. This can be found in the 9th American ACC lectures.


Having Fun

“An individual can be so immersed in his problems that he entirely loses, entirely loses, any fun in having them. And about the only crime that you and I could possibly object to, knowing what we do about problems…the only thing we could object to even vaguely is no fun. …

“As we look out in all directions in life, the one thing that an auditor legitimately, right there according to his own feelings and according to his own theory and his practice and everything else, the only thing he’d really object to is the fact that no fun is occurring. There is no sport, there is no joy, there is no feeling of enlightenment or glee or anything else, by the reason of being alive.

“When a whole society gets to the point where it’s all a working proposition and there’s no fun to be found or undertaken in it, well, somebody ought to take a hand.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Essence of Auditing, Know to Mystery Scale delivered on 7 December 1954. This can be found in the 9th American ACC lectures.

Mountain Scene

Enjoying Life

“We take this thing over here called enjoyment of life or ability to enjoy life, or ability to experience life. Of course, if you increase that, you don’t care how many problems this fellow has! He can go out and get himself into more trouble, see, he just could get tremendous numbers of problems. But then the numbers of problems he goes into are no concern of yours. …

“His ability to enjoy, his ability to experience, his ability to recover after life has dealt him a bad blow, all of these things, these abilities over here, they are very definitely your province. Actually his problems are not. … We’re trying to increase his ability to live, not decrease the amount of living which he is doing.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Solving Cases delivered on 30 November 1954. This can be found in the Cause-Distance-Effect lectures.

Forest Scene

Seeing Things as They Are

“An individual able to be with us or able to live and not be fallen over all the time has to have a pretty good reality. He has to see things pretty much as they are. And you’ll find out if he can see things as they are, he can dream things up under his own determinism and make new combinations of them. …

“All you’ve got to do is get somebody to look at things as they are. That’s what you can do about it. If you got him to totally look at things as they are, all of his problems that are really troubling him, that he’s really unhappy about, would blow up. And he can go have problems that he’s happy about.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture What Can Be Done with a Mind (Reality Scale) delivered on 9 April 1959. This can be found in the Special Hubbard Professional Auditor Course lectures.

Norway Mountains

The Only Thing You See

“Don’t go moaning and moping around and saying, ‘There is no goal for this universe’ and don’t go moping around and saying, ‘Nobody appreciates what I’m doing,’ because the truth of the matter is, this universe is too strong and too forceful and too powerful from a standpoint of MEST force to permit it to happen.

“The only thing which you see out here in this universe, that is worth seeing, is what you and people like you have put into it to perceive back.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture ARC, Force, Be/Do/Have delivered on 8 December 1952. This can be found in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.