Snow Traveling

Take It In Stride

“Don’t think there is anything in this universe that is completely easy to do. There is nothing that would be totally easy to do that would be worth doing. There’s always some hard work alongside of any worthwhile project. There’s always some heartbreak and there’s always upset. That’s the way this universe is built. Take it in stride.”

—L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture The Professional Scientologist delivered on 29 March 1957. This can be found in the 17th American ACC lectures.


Opinion and Ability

“A person who is in good shape does not regret his past. In any given moment he knew he was doing the best he could do under the given circumstances. And even though people railed at him and told him how bad he was and how mean he was and how no-good and how he shouldn’t at any time have been allowed to live―being the author of such vile, hideous and horrible deeds―no matter what people said to him, his own ability to have an opinion would be sufficiently great that he knew that, at all times, he was doing the best he could do. And that it was only the opinion of the surrounding environment which was at variation from that.

“If he depends on agreement utterly, then he tries to vary his opinions to come up to the critical opinions of the surrounding environment and he loses his skills and abilities.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Reality Scale in Action delivered on 3 January 1957. This can be found in the 16th American ACC lectures.

Piano Playing

Being Great

“How do you act as a great pianist? Hah-hah! We know how you act as a great pianist. You’re very impressive in the first place. You come in, you ignore the whole audience. You sit down, you sweep your coattails out of the way in order to sit down at the seat of just one piano sitting on this huge stage, see? And you sit down and then you wait very patiently until everybody deigns to be damn quiet. And you start in and make sure that you have the grandness of gesture. That’s all it is.

“The poor guy sitting down in the jukebox* playing with his derby hat over one eye, maybe he can play rings around that guy on the concert stage, but he doesn’t know one fact. One fact he doesn’t know: that he has to act big and great in order to be big and great. And if he acts big and great and with the proper mannerisms to be big and great, he’ll be big and great. …

“If he refuses to act within the frame of agreement which is assigned to bigness and greatness or if he has some purpose in not acting in that frame of reference, he won’t be.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture The DEI Scale delivered on 11 December 1952. This can be found in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.

* jukebox (slang): a variation of juke-house or juke-joint, a cheap roadside establishment providing food and drinks, and music for dancing.

Sunny Field

Give Thanks

“All of the favors that you have done me and all of the friendship you have given me and so on, I appreciate too. We couldn’t have done this―we couldn’t have done this otherwise. And I don’t care how little you’ve done or how much you’ve done or how much fuss you’ve kicked up in the process of doing it.

“I want you to know definitely that I appreciate what you’ve done, I appreciate the people you’ve talked to, I appreciate the auditing you’ve done. Good auditing, bad auditing, it doesn’t matter, I appreciate it. Do you understand? Because I appreciate your trying and your carrying through.

“Now, there’s no greater favor that you could do anybody than to process them. And for your support, I’ve been trying to give you all the information, make all kinds of training available, make everything available so that you could find your way out, too.”

—L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Basic Purpose delivered on 20 April 1963. This can be found in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures.

Coastline at Sunset

The Power of ARC

ARC is the most powerful stuff on Earth—of course, it’s life. People would have you believe that bullets and bombs are powerful, they’re not powerful at all. The most powerful thing there is, is ARC. You can just swamp anything with it. …

“It’s a way of living as well as a process.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Factors Present in Good and Bad Auditing delivered on 5 November 1954. This can be found in the 8th American ACC lectures.